Registration Checklist

READ THE ONLINE CATALOG: Find your program of study or major on the online catalog and know your required curriculum.

VIEW THE SCHEDULE OF COURSES: Determine where and when the courses you need are offered.

PREPARE: Consider family, work, and other time conflicts that may arise. Have an idea of what schedule of courses you need and what courses you need to take for your major.

BE ADVISED: Current students should schedule an appointment to meet/talk with their program of study or major advisor for advisement. Advisors are available in the CARE Center to assist each day. Your advisor will help you select classes to meet your academic goals and give you your alternate PIN to use when registering in BannerWeb. The name of your advisor appears near the top of your Student Portal welcome page.

New students will meet with advisors after orientation.

REGISTER AND RECEIVE YOUR SCHEDULE AND BILL: Register online using BannerWeb (see help pages). Your schedule and bill can be viewed in BannerWeb. Make sure your class schedule is correct. If there is an error, you can make changes through BannerWeb. If you need help, contact the CARE Center.

BannerWeb Registration Printer-Friendly Instructions

VideoWatch the BannerWeb Registration Demonstration

AUTHORIZE CHARGES: Students may authorize charges be covered by Financial Aid using BannerWeb.

PAY YOUR TUITION AND FEES: Payment may include: 1) cash, check or debit/credit card, 2) Financial Aid approved awards, 3) Approved Third Party, or 4) a combination of the above.

Students may make changes to their schedule of courses through the third day of the term without penalty (will not be charged tuition and fees).

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