Disability Services


What is an accommodation?

An accommodation is any change to a classroom environment or task that permits a qualified student with a disability to participate in the classroom process, to perform the essential tasks of the class, or to enjoy benefits and privileges of classroom participation equal to those enjoyed by students without disabilities. An accommodation is a legally mandated change that creates an equitable opportunity for task completion or environmental access.

There are many types of accommodations that a student may qualify to receive. Listed below are examples of accommodations that permit a student with a disability to participate in the educational process:

Testing Accommodations: Providing a quiet room for test taking. Providing test takers with extended time on tests.

Alternative Textbook Formats: Providing written materials in alternative formats such as large print, Braille, computer disk, or audio tape.

Assistive Technology: Providing software (i.e. Jaws, Dragon Naturally Speaking, ZoomText, etc.) to assist students with academics.

Special classroom seating: Priority seating

Services That Will Not be Provided

Personal devices such as hearing aids or glasses and personal services such as assistance with eating, toileting or dressing will not be provided.

Accommodations that lower or change classroom standards or program standards too much will not be provided. For example, although instructors may allow alternative assignments or tests, these alternatives will not be easier or harder than the ones they are replacing.

Accommodations that would change the essence of a program will not be provided. For example, a person taking a class in air conditioning repair who has limited use of his hands could not ask to take a written test instead of actually repairing an air conditioning unit. The essence of the course is to actually repair the unit not to talk or write about it.



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Disability Services

Contact Information

Kashatriya Eason
Director, Special Populations (Bibb, Baldwin, Jones, Monroe, and Putnam Counties)
Phone: (478) 476-5137
Fax: (478) 757-6619
Building J, Room 105
Macon Campus

Donna Dutcher
Director, Special Populations (Houston, Crawford, Dooly, Peach, Pulaski, and Twiggs Counties)
Phone: (478) 218-3229
Fax: (478) 988-6947
Building A, Room 132
Warner Robins Campus