In order to provide more flexible options for receiving refunds, Central Georgia Technical College has selected BankMobile® (formerly Higher One), a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to deliver financial aid and other school refunds to Central Georgia Technical College students beginning Fall Semester 2015.

The new refund program will give you three options for receiving refunds:

All students will be asked to make a refund delivery preference selection from the options listed above. Here's what you need to do:

To view Central Georgia Technical College's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of money might I receive from CGTC?

The most common type of money BankMobile disburses to students are funds left over from financial aid awards, loans, or grants after tuition has been paid. Students receiving these funds has usually requested this additional support to help with books and living expenses. Other types of money may include reimbursement for tuition overpayment or a dropped class. BankMobile uses the term "refund" but CGTC may have another name for these funds, such as disbursement, residual, or a stipend.

Why am I getting a Personal Code?

You will use your Personal Code to make your refund selection at

How will I get a Personal Code?

You will receive your Personal Code in the mail at your primary address on file with CGTC. Just look for the bright green envelope and please make sure your address is up to date.

How is my money delivered?

Delivery of refund money is a multi-step process. First, CGTC draws funds from the respective loan and/or grant provider and applies it to your student account. Once this information is verified, it is sent to BankMobile. Once the specific refund information is received, it is processed and disbursed according to your selection.

Can I change my preference for receiving money from CGTC?

Yes. Just log in to and select "refund preferences" from the "Refund" menu option. Once on the page, simply make your new selection and click "Update Preference" button to complete the process. Be aware that your new selection will only affect future money you receive from CGTC.

How will I know when my money has been sent?

BankMobile will send you an email to the address you entered during setup. You can also view the status online at

Why am I getting a card?

If you make your refund preference selection and choose the OneAccount, the card will be activated for use as a Debit MasterCard® and linked to your OneAccount.

What is the OneAccount?

The OneAccount is a non-interest bearing, internet-only checking account, serviced by BankMobile. It's exclusively designed for college students with features that support a mobile lifestyle, equipped with security features like cash deposit limits and cash withdrawl limits, offering money available the same day it's released by your school.

If you choose to open a OneAccount, it is important to note that My One Debit MasterCard is not a credit card but rather a Debit MasterCard linked to your OneAccount.

Are there any transaction fees while using my BankMobile card?

BankMobile does not charge any monthly service fees or require a minimum deposit to open a OneAccount. The only fees that BankMobile does charge are for using out-of-network ATMs, merchant PIN-based transactions, or having an overdraft on the account. BankMobile provides the following tips to help students manage their accounts and avoid fees:

Type of Fee How to Avoid Fee
Fee for using a non-BankMobile ATM or non-Customers Bank ATM Make sure you use FREE BankMobile or Customers Bank ATMs. To locate a nearby ATM within BankMobile's network, click here.
Merchant PIN-based transaction Instead of entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at checkout, choose "credit" and sign the receipt to avoid the PIN fee. When merchants process a transaction as a PIN-less debit, the PIN fee cannot be avoided.
Overdraft Fees Sign up for our Mobile Alerts, track your purchases and pay special attention to purchases made with an e-check or a paper check, and via ACH.

What if I have additional questions?

Visit or get quick answers with EasyHelp℠ - BankMobile's self-service online FAQ database.

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