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Local Board of Directors

The College's governing board is the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). Established by the Georgia Legislature, the State Board members are appointed by the Governor. The State Board is responsible for establishing standards, regulations, and policies for the operation of the TCSG and the state's 24 colleges. The State Board's roster, meeting dates, and meeting minutes are published on the TCSG Board Operations web page.

The powers of the State Board are established in O.C.G.A. 20-4-11, to include the power to establish local Boards at each College. The Local Board, which is required to meet twice per quarter or eight times per year, interprets State Board policies and procedures, and may establish local policies to guide the operation of CGTC. A roster of the Local Board is shown below. Because the State Board is, by statute, the governing board of the College, the local Board of Directors does not have any jurisdiction in human resources or employment matters. The local Board of Directors interprets State Board policies and provides supplemental policies to ensure that the needs of the citizenry, business, and industry in the CGTC's service area are met to the highest possible degree and in the most cost effective and efficient manner, within the guidelines of the policies and goals and objectives of the State Board of TCSG.

The local Board shall establish its guiding policies, subject to change from time to time, but all of which shall be in accordance with the established objectives, the trusteeship to the public, and the policies of the TCSG.The policies of the Local Board may be amended or adopted by the Local Board acting collectively at any regular meeting of the Local Board subject to the Local Board's bylaws.


Danny Carpenter David Danzie
Mr. Danny Carpenter, Chairman
Houston/Dooly Counties
Mr. David Danzie, Vice Chair
Bibb County
VACANT Bernard Price
Mr. Mike Couch
Baldwin/Jones Counties
Mr. Bernard Price
Bibb/Crawford Counties
Marsha Priest Buzzell Tom McMichael
Ms. Marsha Priest Buzzell
Houston County
Mr. Tom McMichael
Houston County
Michael O'Hara VACANT
Mr. Michael O'Hara
Houston County
Houston County
VACANT Dr. Vernard Hodges
Monroe County
Dr. Vernard Hodges
Peach County
Karen Bailey Bob Landau
Ms. Karen Bailey
Pulaski County
Mr. Bob Landau
Putnam County
Twiggs County

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Board Operations Staff

Carrie Sullivan Carrie Sullivan
Director of Board Operations