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Are you a good candidate for online instruction?

Central Georgia Technical College offers Internet courses that combine synchronous (students & instructor online at the same time) and asynchronous (everyone works when they have time) instructional delivery technologies. Although some courses may require periodic on-campus class attendance, most do not! Internet classes allow you to arrange your class attendance around your own schedule. Except for turning in assignments when they are due, your schedule is totally up to you. You can review lectures, ask questions, and participate in discussion groups at a time and from a place that's convenient to you. Prior to registering for an online course, you should

Online Learning Self-Assessment - SmarterMeasure
Online learning courses are not for everyone. Some people learn best by interacting face to face with the instructor and other students. To be successful in an online course, you should be self-motivated and work well independently. Take the self-assessment to determine if Internet courses meet your learning needs and study habits.

Technology Requirements - Hardware/Software
It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have access to a computer that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements to participate in an online course. Keep in mind that the minimum system may be slow and cause some frustration.
Note: Some courses may have additional hardware/software requirements. Please email online instructor for special requirements.

Basic Technology Skills Needed
This link contains the computer skills needed prior to taking online courses through CGTC. Students are responsible for assessing their own skill levels. If you do not possess these skills, check into the computer literacy courses offered at our college. Your instructor will not be teaching these skills as part of the course.

Tips to be Successful in an Online Course
This section gives you the necessary requirements to be a successful online student. If you do not posess these skills and/or characteristics, you may want to consider the traditional classroom as your best learning environment.


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Technical Difficulties

Online students that experience technical problems should first contact their course instructor for assistance. Students may contact Distance Education Technical Support through the Online Course Help Desk.

Interested in taking online classes?

New students should contact Admissions or call 478-988-6800.

Current/returning students should contact their advisor or call 478-988-6800.

Distance Education Staff

Jody Dixon
Distance Education Coordinator
Blackboard Administrator
(478) 757-2507

Carrie Miller
Instructional Design Specialist
(478) 218-3254

Cynthia Rumney
Dean, Distance Education
(478) 476-5158


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