The Surgical Technology program prepares students for employment in a variety of positions in today's surgical technology profession. Students are trained with nurses and surgeons to help provide the best possible care of the surgical patient. Students acquire knowledge and experience with aseptic technique, and they learn to prepare and to use surgical instruments and supplies that are utilized during surgical procedures. This program is designed for the students to obtain entry-level positions in surgical technology and to achieve certification after successful completion of the program. This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

Program Requirements

Selection into the Surgical Technology program major courses is via competitive selection process. Surgical Technology courses are offered daytime only.

The first semester of Surgical Technology consists of theory classes, laboratory application and clinicals. Second and third semester instruction includes theory classes with lab application on campus and clinicals. All clinical experiences are conducted at various area hospitals and surgery centers.

Prior to clinical rotations, students must submit to the instructor a current physical exam, immunization forms, proof of student professional liability insurance, and school medical insurance. Students will need to submit a satisfactory criminal background check as well as a drug screen in order to be placed in a clinical health care facility to complete the clinical portions of their educational training.

Navy scrub clothes are the official Surgical Technology uniform and must be purchased prior to clinicals. Students will not be allowed to begin their clinical affiliation until the above-mentioned forms, uniforms, and evidence of current CPR certification are received.

Surgical technology students must pass all courses each semester with a grade of “C” or above to progress to the next semester and remain on track. Those who receive a grade below a “C” remove themselves from the progression of the program. Those who meet readmission requirements will be placed on a waiting list and may be accepted back into the program the following Fall semester on the basis of exit status, space availability, and GPA.

Diploma Program
Program Length 57 Credit Hours
Education Requirements ♦ All Health Technology core courses must be completed prior to program selection.
♦ High School graduate or GED recipient; Minimum age: 17
*Must be 18 years old to participate in clinical training
♦ Birth Certificate on file in Admissions
Entrance Date Fall and Spring Semesters
Offered Warner Robins Campus

Surgical Technology Diploma Curriculum

Credit Hours

General Education Core Courses
ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics
PSYC 1010 Basic Psychology
Occupational Courses
ALHS 1011 Structure and Function of the Human Body
ALHS 1090 Medical Terminology for Allied Health Sciences
SURG 1010 Introduction to Surgical Technology
SURG 1020 Principles of Surgical Technology
SURG 1080 Surgical Microbiology
SURG 1100 Surgical Pharmacology
SURG 2030 Surgical Procedures I
SURG 2040 Surgical Procedures II
SURG 2110 Surgical Technology Clinical I
SURG 2120 Surgical Technology Clinical II
SURG 2130 Surgical Technology Clinical III
SURG 2140 Surgical Technology Clinical IV
SURG 2240 Seminar in Surgical Technology
Total Hours