Technical Certificate of Credit

The Medical Skin Care Specialist Technical Certificate of Credit is designed to offer medical training for students to assist in dermatology offices as well as plastic surgery offices. After completing the certificate, students will be trained to assist with minor surgery as well as advanced skin care treatments such as scar removal, microdermabrasion, and chemical peel.

Technical Certificate of Credit
Program Length 15 Credit Hours
Education Requirements Minimum age: 16
Entrance Dates Every Semester
Offered Macon and Milledgeville Campuses


Credit Hours

ALHS 1011 Structure and Function of the Human Body 5
ALHS 1040 Introduction to Health Care 3
MAST 1010 Legal and Ethical Concerns in the Medical Office 2
MSCS 1010 Essentials of Medical Esthetics 3
MSCS 1020 Advanced Medical Skin Care Treatment 2
Total Hours