Technical Certificate of Credit

The Health Care Assistant Technical Certificate of Credit is a program that provides academic foundations at the diploma level in communications, mathematics, and human relations, as well as technical fundamentals. Program graduates are trained in the underlying fundamentals of health care delivery and are well prepared for employment and subsequent upward mobility.

Technical Certificate of Credit
Program Length 30 Credit Hours
Education Requirements High School graduate or GED recipient: Minimum Age: 17
Entrance Dates Every Semester
Offered Warner Robins, Macon, and Milledgeville Campuses; Crawford and Putnam County Centers


Credit Hours

General Education Core Courses*  
ALHS 1011 Structure and Function of the Human Body 5
ALHS 1040 Introduction to Health Care 3
ALHS 1090 Medical Terminology for AHS 2
COMP 1000 Introduction to Computer Literacy 3
ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I 3
  Choose one (1) of the following two Math courses:  
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics 3
MATH 1013 Algebraic Concepts (3)
PSYC 1010 Basic Psychology 3
*Students who meet prerequisite requirements may substitute equivalent degree-level general education core courses.
Electrocardiography Technology (8ET1)  
ECGT 1030 Introduction to Electrocardiography
ECGT 1050 Electrocardiography Practicum
Medical Coding - Option 1 (8MC1)
MAST 1120 Human Pathological Conditions in the Medical Office 3
MAST 1510 Medical Billing and Coding I 2
MAST 1520 Medical Billing and Coding II 3
MAST 1530 Medical Procedural Coding 2
Medical Coding Assistant Insurance Data - Option 2 (8MC1)
BUSN 1015 Introduction to Medical Insurance 4
BUSN 1440 Document Production 4
BUSN 2370 Medical Office Billing/Coding/Insurance 3
MAST 1120 Human Diseases 3
Medical Front Office (8MF1)
BUSN 1440 Document Production 4
BUSN 2340 Medical Administrative Procedures 4
BUSN 2370 Medical Office Billing/Coding/Insurance 3
MAST 1100 Medical Insurance Management 2
Nurse Aide (8NA1)
ALHS 1060 Diet and Nutrition for Allied Health Sciences 2
NAST 1100 Nurse Aide Fundamentals 6
Phlebotomy (8PS1)
PHLT 1030 Introduction to Venipuncture 3
PHLT 1050 Clinical Practice 5
  Total Hours 30